New policy on video game music?

Just got a hard reject on a retro video game track I submitted. The reason given was…

“This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s general commercial utility standard, unfortunately.
Unfortunately, we no longer accept 8-bit tracks, I’m afraid. Thanks for understanding.”

I made the track after I seen a load of 8 bit tracks for sale, as recently as Jan 16 for one I can see
This is the track.
8 bit Game
Anybody throw some light on this, is it a new rule?

Well, the policy is several years old. A strange policy I must say, as that type of retro music sells. But sometimes they make exceptions which is why you’ve seen new tracks in that style… I think they should allow more of it.

Cool thanks Flumen. Probably should have read the rules more closely so. New tracks up threw me tho. That’ll teach me to try get smart and research niche stuff :slightly_smiling: