New plugin

Looking for a wordpress plugin that has included: paid membership, submision (user can submit an location with comments) vote system of those submision(like a like and dislike on other sites), and paid for location confirmed (location will be confirmed after more than a number set of likes)

Gps tracking so that the users will see the closest submited location

P.s i will pay for it

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Nice, how much the budgets you put for this plugin?

i don’t how much i should to be honest but the money is not a problem.

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Thanks for replying. Your plugin seems interesting but to understand it well with the budgets, we should know more details. You need to connect it to Paypal as a gateway to deduct payment of a certain service? Regarding the GPS, not all users will give you the right to access to view their location but it is possible via the IP address.

they will allow me to acces as they need it too.
Because i want them to see the place only when they are loged (and they should only be only allowed to login after they pay a mothly fee with paypal or credit card) and gived permision to location (gps tracking)

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Very nice @andreiandehd, I might help you with that. What’s the time frame for this project?

i don’t have a time frame but the fast the better as usual and of course want to know the price before we start. as i have the request posted in other sites and i will chose the one that is more convenient like all do.

@andreiandehd Yes that’s absolutely true, you should choose the best quality with minimal price.

yes thank you for understanding. just pm me your price and i will let you know in max 2 days the final answer

Done @andreiandehd, PM’ed you.