New pages includes the template name in URL

Hi every one !

I hope i’ll be clear enough ! (1st of all I’m french so pls be patient lol)

Since yesterday all new page I create in SP page builder have a different URL that the old ones. And the new page created also have a wrong width in the footer (now full width, rest of the site is like 1200px or so.)

Other strange issue that could be related (or not) but also since yesterday, sometimes changes I make are saved but dropped and never happen. Googled that and disabled cache in Joomla and cleared cache on my PC and iPhone without any improuvment.

host : (formely 1and1)
Joomla! 3.9.24 Stable
Template: Steaque

To see the problem live :
NEW PAGE : steaque-2 /rire-un-peu

Tried to google that but honnestly could’nt find anyone with my problem

Thanks a million for your help guys

you need to contact the theme author for free support

Hi @cafearthur,

@ki-themes I have edited your post, please don’t offer a paid support where the customer can get free support from the author or asking for Freelancer.

You are new customer in envato market. So, I think you purhcased the joomla template this month mean most recently. You can get free support from your purchased template Author because you have received 6 month free support with the template purchased. Please contact the author support here:


The “free support” may not cover the server side/installation issues

I edited your post because you just offer paid service through linked to your envato market profile.

How you judge “free support” may not be good enough
envato author support is the best support for the purchased customer.

In future please be alert to offer any paid service linked to your envato market profile in forum. you should to send customer to Item author support. If the customer ask for paid service or any service which in not related to item exist functionality then you can offer paid service through envato freelancer platform Envato Studio. Again paid service is the last option and first option always send customer to Item author support.