New on Envato


Im new to Envato,I just had my first approval,very exited and I would appreciate any advice you can give
I have read the instructions but I would rather hear from you people anything that comes to your mind is welcome


Ahoy there! Although I’m sure people are willing to help out and provide advice… ‘any advice’ is probably a bit too broad a question. A proper response would be several pages long if it was to provide advice on quality of items, technical requirements of items, making great descriptions, item seo, when to upload, what to upload, how often to upload, branding, content for preview assets, marketing etc etc etc.

You’re probably best to ask any specific questions you might have, when it comes to advice… more likely to elicit a response. Good luck!


Hello :slight_smile:
thank you for reply

Well yes I asked in general,because I actualy dont know what to ask…
If I have wright question I can easily find an answer…
I need something of anyone who is willing to share
There is no general answer on how to succeed but there was always that one thing that slingshot you to something more than a beginner :slight_smile:


Upload new tracks as often as you can :slight_smile:


Congratulations :tada: All the best with Sales :wink: