New on Audiojungle, question about rejection

Hello !
I’m new on the jungle ! When I post my 4 first items (music and ident), 3 of them where accepted ! So I was very enthusiast to submit others. I have post a dozen of different items during the last two weeks; 3 of them were reviewed and hard reject… I’m not too disappointed; but I just want to know if we can be “tagged” negatively if we have several reject, or, the review is only based on the item itself ?? And, finally, any advice for the best “recipes” to have success here ??

Thanks a lot !

Probably there is some tagging, but it would affect only way off and abusive accounts which spams low quality sound uncontrollable. There is some (maybe), but !but there is guys saying that after 1 year and countless amount of rejection they got an approve, which means reviewers still listening to them and give them a chance no matter what. That’s how it think it works. I would love to hear best “recipes” from some AJ veterans myself. :smiley:

No, It only depends on the track itself. Adrien have answered in this clip around 1:09:00… :expressionless: