New name of the track after submission!


Hello to everyone!

I am new to audio jungle. So I would like to know if someone could give me information about follow problem: Could I change name of my track after submission when it posts in my portfolio? Now my instrumentals are waiting for the confirmation and I have doubts neither I should delete some and rename it in mew upload or i can do it later.

Thank you for time and attention to my problem.

Best wishes,


You can edit tracks once they are uploaded (this includes renaming) but some changes have to be approved but doesn’t usually take too long. Just go into your portfolio and you will see an option to edit the track.


Thank you! I don’t have opportunity to see that edit possibilities, because my instrumentals need to be approved. And that is why I have asked this question.

Thank you a lot! Now I now that i don’t need to recall my uploads for changing their names and descriptions.

Have a nice day,