New musics


Would it be possible for envato to add in each row the date when you add a new piece of music?

thank you

Hello @estevecom ! In fact, when you click on a search to the tab “newest”, you get the results of the newest music. In order to see the exact date you need to open a page with an item.
For example:


Yes but what does “new” mean for me?(since my last visit)…
if i have a date i can easily see the newest pieces since my last visit…

I do not quite understand what you mean, explain in more detail if possible. Thanks!

There are authors whom you following and the latest (newest) tracks are shown there, but I’m not sure about your last visit, there is no such function yet (as far as I know, if I’m wrong let others people correct me.) But you can write in support of Envato and offer this innovation

Good luck!


thank you for the suggestion to write to the support… i have just done that!