New Music Video!

This is a music video I worked on a couple of months ago. It’s not the typical video, so I thought of sharing it with you! :smile:

Now we’re working on their first single, and it’s loads of work but really exciting! Will share it with you once its done! :smile:


Sounds and looks great, nice idea, well done !! :smiley:

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wow quite an innovative video :slight_smile:

Great work!!! ; -)

Hey :slight_smile: Not a fan of the girly pop genre but video definitely looks cool and fresh. I love the idea :slight_smile: Great job!

Innovative video!:point_left: Great job!:wink:

Great work, well done !! :smiley:

Thanks guys! Appreciate your comments! :smiley:

Really looking forward to release the one I’m currently working on :slight_smile: