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Hi All

I recently joined Audiojungle and a few days ago I submit 5 music tracks. All got rejected. Reasons given were “This submission does not meet our commercial production (mixing/mastering/sample quality) standard or our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.” The sounds are intentionally not overly sophisticated, and the pieces are more about introducing a child to melody, harmony, rhythm, so as such they might sound a bit “general MIDI” but is a compositional decision. Maybe that’s why it got rejected? Thought went into this are the pieces are intended for babies/children, and were submitted to the Music-Children’s section.

Here are the details about the piece;

“Music for Babies” is a series of music compositions aimed at introducing babies to music. They are constructed using rudimentary scales and rhythms and mellow sounds that are designed to be fun, and hopefully educational and inspiring. Adults will also find the music relaxing and entertaining.

Perfect for childrens TV, film, games, cartoons, and animations.

1 - music for babies, mellow, piano, choir, strings, happy, cheerful, fun, relaxing, educational, inspiring, kids, sweet, warm

If anyway can point to why it was rejected that would be great as I have other pieces in this series I could submit, two of the rejected tracks are linked below. Thanks for your help.


Music for Babies 4
Music for Babies 2

I get what you’re going for with a bit naiv sound. Although, at times Music for Babies 4 sounds a bit random plus you have a string in the background that gets a bit annoying after a while. A note that holds for very long. It seem out of place.

Music for Babies 2 seem more structured but I would drop the sample of the laughing baby as it would probably be easier for a client to add in baby laughter if needed when editing. It limits usability a lot.

All this, imho of course. Also, remember, not all songs will be deemed useable for the marketplace. The answer you got is the standard rejection letter that all get when a song is hard rejected.

@AbnormAudio Ok, I agree with your comments, thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I “won’t be able to re-submit this item again” so I guess I will have to find another home for it :wink: