New member with first item

i’m new here and i upload my first item here, but it was rejected due the quality.

can you please help me to make this certificate pass the inspection.


Aah, dude, its looks like poor quality. Try to chane font size, position and style. Change design options - delete this shadow from LOGO BADGE)) gl

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thanks, for your advises
i have done this Cv and also refused due the quality !
i don’t know why cover_letter_show

hi indeed , u have to be aware that here the focus in much on typo and that most of rejections result from this … u have a problem this way , it needs more work but also in termes of hierarchy of information as some secondary texts tends to be more popping out than the most important elements indeed. i think also this is not a good idea to start with serif font and continue with non serif ones … it maybe working omnly for the header in my view but after u should make things match much more. besides, there is a mispelling > "certificate " u missed to write the “i”. I think no need to repeat it a second time in addition, just keep “awarded to” and focus on the name which is the thing that matters the most … if u need to emphasize somethign this is the name … if u use caps, boldness and extra options, use it on this one …, the following text should not be bold, this is not need … except maybe the year the degree was delivered …
the logo pat is not satisfying … you need to create a fake logo that looks professional and des not ruin your efforts elsewhere visually speaking …