New member, trouble uploading track attributes

Hello, I am a new member and I’m trying to upload my tracks to AJ, but I am running into an issue when it comes to the optional drop down menus for thumbnail, preview, and main file.

I had to upload my zip file containing all those three above elements via FileZilla, and I see the zip attached as a file successfully,

After I finish completing all the categories and attributes I get an error message that says I cannot proceed because the file type is not supported?

When I choose the thumbnail dropdown tab I cannot access my hard drive where all the files and other components are located.

Frankly, I wish I could just use those drop downs as a direct way to attach my files to AJ.

What am I doing wrong?

Any input would be appreciated!



Do you see this tab? If not, try to update flash or try another browser.

Hello Hyperprod

Yes I do now that I am using Chrome and enabled flash.

However I still am not allowed to proceed with the upload.

Please see attached screen shots.



  • Your thump pic is to large and wrong format, has to be 80x80 and not larger than 50kb.
  • your preview has to be a mp3 file.
  • your main file has to be compressed into a zip. file.

I wouldn’t worry about the thumb pic for now, thats optional.

Thank you so much!!


No problem, good luck!

Oops sorry one last thing,

Now that flash works and I can attach via the drop down tabs can I forgo the FTP upload via File Zilla?

Thanks for all your help!


The FTP is only an alternative to the flash upload. So yes, you can forgo the FTP if the flash worked for you. Good luck!

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Thank you so much!