New Market affiliate program has launched!! ๐Ÿš€


just sent you an email with details. please let me know if you need anything else.


@mkashifraza, I just replied to your email! :racing_car: Thanks for providing those extra details!


i have enter my media partner id and email. Will you please inform us it linked with our account our account id is 1259323


Hey @SmartDataSoft I can confirm that Impact account 1259323 is now successfully linked with Envato account SmartDataSoft :smiley:


@stephanielorens can anyone from envato team can confirm if my envato affiliate account is linked with my envato market


Hey @Music-Wave, I have checked and can confirm that your Envato account Music-Wave is now linked with Impact account # 1290384!


thank you Stephanie I have another question I have been trying to create a referral link within my envato affiliate account but when is created, does not work do you to know something about it?


@Music-Wave, No I am not aware of any issues. Can you please send me the details to (EG, what is the link URL, how is it โ€œnot workingโ€ exactlyโ€ฆ?)


I have some credits in the old Envato Affiliate account and have migrated to the Impact Radius platform now. How will the old credits get transferred to the new account?



As we are already selling our products from this account ( ). Can we use this account for affiliate marketing or we have to create a new account for affiliate marketing?

If we can use this account then how? we already have given the affiliate links from our site.


I want to ask about this too.


@stephanielorens Iโ€™ve registered with Impact radius and linked my account but donโ€™t seem to be getting clicks from links that Iโ€™ve created with Impact, even after testing from other machines, is there a delay with this?



My application was approved and I received the confirmation by email.

  1. According to your system apparently my Impact username: wpulsar is linked to my account ID: 1295380. Can you check? Because the doubt is also for the point (2).
  2. My earnings by balance that are at ThemeForest donโ€™t appear on Impact / Finance / Earnings. Can you confirm the motive?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @vystina Please be aware that Impact will be able to track your earning via your old links, but you will not see any "clicks" data in Impact for these old links. If you would like the full range of data tracking in Impact, we recommend you update your links with the new Impact links.


Hey @wpu

  1. I can confirm that Envato account โ€œwpuโ€ is successfully linked with Impact account 1295380.
  2. We will not be transferring earnings onto the new affiliate platform on Impact. However, we will be making an announcement shortly on how to withdraw affiliate earnings from your Envato account if it is less than $50. Special consideration has been made for these cases. We are currently working on the procedure guide on this, and you will be notified closer to Oct 1st.


Approve me please -
Account ID๏ผš1296477


Many thanks for the reply and information @stephanielorens


Hi @stephanielorens ,

can you approve our account in affiliate

KubiStudio 1300139


No worry about this just fill up that form Here is Affiliate Form hope Envato Affiliate Team Approved Your Applications.


Iโ€™ve just signed up after years selling for Envato through the old system. Letโ€™s see if I got the point: according to the terms, Iโ€™ll not receive a single buck for sellings, but only when a visitor I send add funds. Is it right? Is it true for all countries?

This doesnโ€™t seems like a good opportunity for most of the affiliates, I guess. For example: I send customers from Brazil and Portugal. Most of them will not add funds: they will only pay once using some international card and game overโ€ฆ