New Market affiliate program has launched!! ๐Ÿš€


Iโ€™m also registered as an affiliate for Elements on Impact Radius, but my concern is the case where customer comes on envato market item page via my link, and clicks on elements banner instead and signs up there. Elements is heavily promoted on Envato market pages, so even if I bring a new customer this way, this doesnโ€™t count?



Hi @ToneInsight, The decision to decline your application was mostly based on the low level of historical clickthroughs and lack of referral deposits as shown on your Envato account. But we are always willing to support motivated affiliates! I can re-review your application - could email me at with the entire list of URLs you will be referring from (Eg Facebook page URL, YouTube channel URLโ€ฆ etc)


Hi Stephanie, Can you please confirm whether my Impact ID 1272909 is successfully linked or not?


Hello Stephanie,

I am relatively new in the affliate system of Envato. Of course, I have low traffic at the moment. But this doesnโ€™t mean that it will remain same. I am motivated about this. Please give us, small and new businesses a chance too in your system.

I have written you an e-mail about this. Please read in a spare time of yours and at least give us an option to re-apply in the future instead of rejecting us completely. Thanks.


Hello @stephanielorens! I see that there are very few (and somewhat ugly) banners in Impact. Is there another place where we can get banners? Can we create ours?
Thank you very much!


Hey @templatin, I have checked and I can confirm that your account it linked to Impact account 1272909 :wink:


Hello @stephanielorens

I try to link my impact account to envato using your specified url but after entered my details it throws some error like something went wrong see screenshot

Please advise if i miss something

Thank you.


Iโ€™m facing the same issue.


Iโ€™m experimenting the same issue too. The links are not working.


I submitted my application a few days ago. How long does it take? Thank you!


Hi @emile_b, could you please approve my Impact request?
My Impact username is jurosko

Thank you much :slight_smile:


Hey @stephanielorens! Hope you are having a great Friday! Any update on my question down here?

Thanks a lot!


Hello @stephanielorens

I have the similar situation as Tonelnsight so I have sent you an email. Hope you dont mind,
Kind regards


Great, itโ€™s working with ?ref=avirtum too )))



Iโ€™m just registered afflicatieted program.
Please review my application

My username : FunnyIonic

Best Regards


Hello @stephanielorens

i am already a element affiliate user on Impact.
but when i tried to connect my account with affiliate, it show following error:
โ€œUnexpected error, try again laterโ€

My Impact Username: kashifraza


Hi @mkashifraza, You will need to submit an application for the Envato Market affiliate program. It is run separately from the Elements program.


Hi @codewoogeek, I can confirm that your Envato account is now linked to Impact account 1291638.


stephanielorens, just submitted the application.
my Account ID (1295449)
waiting for the review.
Videohive Username: razam


Could someone create custom deep links with impact โ€˜Ad Toolโ€™? When I click on it I get โ€œprocessingโ€, I think the impact platform is pretty bad TBH, and as I said here, there are very few ads and they also seem to be pretty old.

How can I link to a deep link without the ad tool working? any ideas?