New Market affiliate program has launched!! πŸš€


hi @stephanielorens will you check our account is linked or not. SmartDataSoft
Our impact user name also SmartDataSoft



@stephanielorens Hi :slight_smile: Could you please check if our account is linked too? Username is Burnhambox.


Why do we get paid only for credits and not purchases.



hi, some delay. Still under review.
My impact user name - Altran
but on the right up corner its displayed as Altran1288267


That means that the old ?=ref links are now linked to Impact, right? we don’t have to do anything else? Thanks!


Is there a guide anywhere on how to fill out the impact form properly? As an author I link to my videohicw projects… but I’m not sure how to go about it on the form. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. :+1:


Hey @Max-Music - Can you please confirm your Envato username for me? I can’t find anything under Max-Music!


@Ocvembor - I can see your application was accepted just recently! You should have received a confirmation email. Welcome on board :smiley:


Hi @SmartDataSoft, Did you apply for the Envato Market Affiliate program on Impact? I cannot find your details at all :thinking: Can you provide me with your Impact ID number? Alternatively, please forward the confirmation email you got from Impact to


Hey @Burnhambox - Your accounts are successfully linked! Burnhambox is linked to Impact account # 1290897


@Odin_Design - Sure does! You are good to go. Any referrals from your old ?=ref link will be paid out via your impact account now :slight_smile:


Hey @mysecretstudio, there is a lot of good general info on the Impact help site, and I think this article may be particularly helpful for filling out the application!


our account show this. SmartDataSoft 1259323 , impact show our proposal has been sent to advertiser.
Thank you


@SmartDataSoft your application is still pending review and you will not be able to link your accounts until the application has been accepted. You will receive an email once a decision has been made. Thanks.


Hi @stephanielorens and @emile_b ,

I am declined by Envato due to the low traffic. I have a few questions:

  1. Low traffic of what? My website? My AudioJungle profile?

  2. If the problem is my website, it has of course low traffic at the moment since it is one month old. But it doesn’t mean that it will stay like that. I am adding new posts almost everyday and it will soon flourish. However, I ticked lots of options there that I could use my affiliate account, not only my website, how about them? You just didn’t consider my other options like social media, e-books?

  3. Am I the only one here that is rejected? As I see fellow authors asking here to be accepted and you accept them.

  4. Will I be able to apply again in the future when my website has more traffic or is this like your hard rejects and I am out of the game forever? Because now it says:

" Your application with Envato Affiliates is declined due to the following reason: Other - Not enough traffic.
If you would like to find other campaigns that use the Impact platform, you must first Apply to join Impact . " and there is no option to reapply in the future there. So I gotta say it is discouraging for small businesses like me, to say the least.


Thanks. Maybe I’m being dumb but what do I sign up as on impact? It says Brand - Partner - Agency. ? Thanks


What happens if a customer comes on some Envato market item page via my link, and clicks on Envato Elements banner on top of the page, and signs up to Elements instead. Do I get referral cut?



@stephanielorens hi, please review my account

  • user name Altran
  • My impact user name Altran1288267


@mysecretstudio I am not sure where it asks that. Did you click β€œBecome and affiliate now” from our landing page and use that application form?


Hey @WaveToys :slight_smile: Affiliate earnings are structured differently between Elements and Markets. So the Envato Elements site has it’s own affiliate program. You can find some details here.