New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀


Hi @stephanielorens

How can I get links for my specific items on Codecanyon? I see the links generated from Impact goes to only?


Please ignore. I got it now :+1:


But I still have one last doubt. If I have more than one “envato” user account, can I connect all the accounts in only one of the radius impact?


Do you have facebook? I can help you!


Hello, Face this problem also when I want to connect my my envato account with Impact. Have you find any way to solve this problem?

Is there any solution for me? Please I need help also :slight_smile:


Hello Sir I need help from you. Can you please tell me what was wrong with my account :frowning:
I was created this impact account on march but Now today when I’m going to add my envato account with my impact then I saw this error. Please help me I need your help :slight_smile:



А реферальная ссылкак наподобие ?ref=WildLion_Production будет работать и дальше ?


So I did follow the video instructions how to link the legacy affiliate with the impact account, there was no confirmation after submitting the credentials nor can I find any information whether the account is linked or not. Please clarify.


With my legacy affiliate account I simply added the ?ref= tag to any link in my listings. In order to get the full refferals I do need to create every link manually in my impact account. Is this correct?


Добрый день! При регистрации аккаунта требуется заполнить адрес веб-сайта: Сайт
Http: //
Укажите действующий адрес веб-сайта.
Не могу понять, какой сайт я должен там указать. Подскажите пожалуйта


Hi @Redriding_Premium The linking is done for the account that you are logged into at that time. To link your second Envato account simply login to Envato Market using your second login and then go through the process of linking ( as you did with your first account.


Hi @trust_coders, Have you received an email confirming you have been accepted to the Envato Markets affiliate program? Because the linking will not work until you have been accepted.


@malachiteproject, Please enter the URL for any sites your use to refer customers to Envato. If you use Youtube, please put your channel URL, same for Facebook etc.


Great news!


Hi @stephanielorens we’ve just followed all steps to link our market and impact accounts, but there’s no confirmation screen that it was linked successfully, can you confirm that they are indeed linked?


Hi @Odin_Design, I have checked and can confirm that your Envato username Odin_Design is now successfully linked to Impact account ID# 1288608!


@stephanielorens you can check Envato username clicktop link to impact accounts. successful or not successful?


Hey @clicktop, I have checked and the account clicktop is linked with Impact account 1268995 :smile:


Hi @stephanielorens I registered and sent the data but I did not receive a confirmation can you confirm that my account are indeed linked?


My Impact username is Ocvembor. Can you active it
Thank you.