New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀


The tutorial is wrong. You have to check email with ‘Application Received’ subject


G’day @stephanielorens,
I linked my accounts a time ago, but I still don’t see any statistics even when I do clicks myself using old and new links. My ID is 1266473, can you check it?


I haven’t received such email, I only got “Welcome to the Envato Market Affiliates program” email with the same numbers as shown. So my question is not answered.


And I don’t see any possibility to receive my earnings to Paypal on Withdrawal Settings, only Electronic Funds Transfer. How can I switch to Paypal?


Hi @emile_b @stephanielorens we’ve sent our application a couple of days ago, but we don’t have a response yet. Our user is Odin_Design



When you add Media Partner Email Show me a message Unexpected error, try again later, is there a solution


Hi @marcofama

Could you clarify for me please? Perhaps you can send me the details of the issue with some screenshots to


@Avirtum We have an internal system to confirm this. I just checked and I can see your accounts are successfully linked! Woo!


Hi @rgba_design,

You can also find your username and media partner ID when you login to Impact in the top right corner:


G’day @Like-A-Pro :smile:

I can confirm that Impact account ID 1266473 is connected with Envato account username Like-A-Pro, so it will attribute any referrals from ?ref=like-a-pro to Impact account 1266473. However Impact is unable to display the ‘clicks’ on the old ?ref=like-a-pro.

If you want that full tracking data which includes the ‘clicks’ you would need to update your links to the new ones provided by Impact.


Hi @Odin_Design We have received your application and it is currently waiting to be reviewed. We’ve received a huge number of applications so the wait time is a little longer than usual but we appreciate your patience. We are working hard on getting through all those applications and you will receive an email notification when a decision has been made. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: !


Hey @rgba_FX Paypal is an option. Please see the Impact help article about it HERE


Hi @Designnat Where exactly are you trying to add in that Envato email address? Perhaps you are meant to add your own personal email :thinking:


Sure thing Stephanie, I just di it - thanks


I want to link my account
What mail to add?


Thanks a lot


As described:
Your own media partner email which you used to signed up as a media partner on impact radius.


I did it and did not work with me


I did it and did not work with me


Login into your Impact account and see whether your application with Envato Affiliates is still under review or it’s already approved.