New Market affiliate program has launched!! πŸš€


Have the same issue, should I wait for confirmation from Impact?


I am trying since a long time to link my accounts. I am unable to?


I uploaded some footages before 4 days
When you will approve my videos ?


What does this mean for me as an author on audiojungle?



What happened if we don’t have a website yet, but we want to apply because we use ref links via social media?

I tried to fill out the form, but I can’t without website :slightly_frowning_face:

Lilla from Team HoneyLoud


Hi, if I’am already an author why should have to add a bank account in the signup form? Why just can use PayPal or Payoneer to get the affiliate founds?



What is affiliate program? Can i make money with this?
If yes , how can i make money with this? Can you share me video presentation of something?


I attempted to link my accounts and it took me back to the Themeforest homepage as well? I am not sure if I used the correct member partner ID? My Insertion Order Application email did not state my ID, so I used the numbers only to the right of my name on my impact account in the upper right hand corner of my dashboard, is that the correct ID number?


Hi @thewebfosters,
Thanks for your co-operation, your account has now been approved, welcome aboard!
It’s not possible to link your accounts if the application on Impact as not been approved, please go ahead and try again.


Please let us know which username you used to apply to Impact with. We can then chase up your application


I am unable to join the new program, something about how my state wasn’t allowed or something? I’m in Pennsylvania, USA. What gives?


Please ensure that you have logged in to the Market account you wish to link to.
If you are still having issues, please email us on stating your Impact ID and username


Hi @Sonicbyte,
Impact doesn’t currently offer Payoneer but Paypal is offered as a withdrawal method.
You can select Paypal as your preferred method under β€˜withdrawal settings’

Impact is a 3rd part platform so any financial details on your Market account would not have been transferred to Impact, for this reason it’s necessary to register a payment method.
If you require further assistance please email us at


This is no problem, please select β€˜social media’ image and include URLS where possible
For a website you can use any social media platform/site for now.



Hello @emile_b I have a problem with linking my Impact Radius Account with Envato Account,

I already have an account on Impact Radius since July 2017, but when I try to link them it says β€œYou are not yet a campaign member.”

Also I want to ask you about withdrawing on Impact, because for a long time I have received payments from Envato market via my PayPal account, but on Impact it asks for IBAN or Swift Code and I don’t provide them.

Please I need your help, Thanks :slight_smile:


My Impact username is Avirtum.


I was one of the first few users who joined the new platform once it was launched. I got few actions in the first couple of weeks of joining but after that nothing is there, no new registration and no commission. I believe it’s not working properly, can any from admin put some light on this or check my account. FYI I am still using the old reference code ?ref=username


I maked impact account

And i try yo Link my Impact Radius Account to my Envato Account

But when i paste my impact ID and my email

The system tell me Unexpected error

What can i do ?


Hi @SkinnyAtlasMusic

You should be able to find your Media Partner ID in the email you received confirming your initial application to join the Market Affiliates program on Impact:

If you are having difficulties, please email me your Impact account username to and I can check that the accounts are linked correctly for you :slight_smile:


Hi @imithemes

I have checked and I can confirm that your old ?ref=imithemes links are successfully connected to your Impact account. I can see in Impact that you had earnings for August and June!

Please make sure you have setup your withdrawal settings in Impact, and please email me at if you have any further issues :slight_smile: