New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀


Hello guys,
I think there is a problem with Impact Radius or with my setup. I was used to get 2-3 referrals per month when using my old ref code http://…?ref=zoutula …now since 1 October I have no referrals at all. I understand the old implementation http://…?ref=zoutula should still work … why this drop from an estimate of 5-10 referrals to 0??

Any of you got into the same issue?


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Application rejected.

Envato Pty Ltd has declined your request to work with the campaign Envato Market for the following reason: The state on media partner account is set to be auto rejected for that campaign.

I don’t understand. Please help.

Please use CJ and/or Shareasale…forget Impact. Impact radius is a mess of a company. They need to change their name to Totally Wrecked


I opened a completely new Impact account and applied within my account and here’s what I got…

Your application is Not Approved
Your application for the Envato Market Brand was not approved. The advertiser has criteria specific for participation that you did not meet. If you have questions regarding these criteria, please contact the advertiser.

Envato say they accept everyone and I believe you. But is a broken company. Please break your contract on the grounds that they are incompetent and go with Shareasale or CJ.


Is still possible to get Affiliate Badge using ,?ref=maxklesta" without join to Impact ?


Hi @maxklesta,
The affiliate badges are not active any longer, so referrals you make do not contribute to these.
So joining Impact and earning badges are completely unrelated. You can earn 30% of each first purchase (providing the customer is new to Envato) on the program and we would welcome you to join here.



@emile_b My affiliate earning is significantly dropped in recent 7 days. I used to have 10+ referrals everyweek but only 1. Never experienced such issue in these years. Can you please check for me?



My Envato Affiliates application declined due to Not enough traffic. I have applied mentioning details of my web hosting company, apart from that i have a web design company too. I am planning to promote envato through my Technology blog site also. I dont know why my application rejected. How much traffic are you expecting. My self referring many of my clients to envato already.


Dear sir/mem my application Declined i’m really interested Affiliates Please Active My Affiliates account

my Affiliates id username TIPU322

Thank You



I joined the Envato Market Affiliate program on the 26th of April. Today (after 10 days) I received a response from Envato Affiliates Team.
Incoming mail says: " Envato Pty Ltd has declined your request to work with the campaign Envato Market for the following reason: No specific reason given. "

I didn’t understand that. What should I do for this? Can you help me ?

Thank you


@emile_b any clues? I have not even one referral. I’ve used to have a few per month. Now since you’ve switch the affiliate programme to Impact I have 0(zero). There should be smth wrong there for sure? Who can help me with to check my account? Thanks a lot1

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