New Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀


This switch to Impact is really a bad move from Envato. My revenues are down by 3, the interface and support has nothing more than before. And now they blocked my account without warning because they are asking a US tax form (why ? i’m not a US company, Envato is not a US base company).


I’ve been turned down even though I’ve been an affiliate for years!
Reason: Not enough traffic.


Hi @emile_b, excuse me what about referral badges and counting referrals? I had 469 referrals before up to the deadline to register in Impact, now my counter in AJ profile is standing still, although I see an unclear parameter “actions: 55” in impact.

Can my eye ever be glad to the new “Level 6” badge? Thanks.


Hi @wplordthemes,
Yes the affiliate program was closed on October 1st but re-launched on the same day,
Feel free to apply here. Please not you will have to present traffic sources you will be referring affiliate traffic from.



Thanks @fab4real, I have replied directly to you via email. It seems that you haven’t yet linked your account which would explain the drop in revenues. Please link ASAP.


Hey @SpiralPixelDesign,
Apologies for that, we have re-proposed a new IO for you in Impact
Please log in and check ‘notifications’, you’ll see the proposal there. Once accepted you will be on-boarded!
Let me know if you have any questions,


Hi @CyrilNikitin,
Yes the affiliate badges are still working. Which counter are you referring to?
Your earnings and referrals would stop displaying since 1st October as all affiliate commissions are being paid through Impact now. However you can still access historic earnings for the time being.

On Impact, the actions under ‘credit added’ are the actions that earn you revenue so they’re the ones to look out for.


hi @emile_b I registered the Envato Affiliate Program 10 days ago. But my account is still under review. Can you check for me? Thank you!!!
my acccount: thanhtu88 1341022


Hi @thanhtu88,
Please email me direct and share the URLs and traffic sources you plan to use to refer traffic to Envato?


Thanks @emile_b, Ok i’ll ask otherwise. At the moment I have this badge: ‘Affiliate Level 5: Has Referred 200+ members’, but in fact I have already referred 500+ members at the moment. So will I ever get a new ‘500+’ badge? Thanks.

add: Thank you very much for solving my problem, now everything is fine!


Emile and affiliates, please join the discussion. I think this should be top priority now for everyone who does affiliate work for Envato. Thanks!


I’m sure they will. @emile_b is one of the best members of Envato staff. He’s been extremely nice and helpful each time I talked to him and I’m sure he is aware of this issue, and will keep us updated. Let’s give it some time! :wink:


Well, if you decide so they will answer … Let them do it!


We just applied with a series of sites we are going to use to start seriously promoting Envato marketplace products. We were rejected per the following. Our sites get plenty of traffic - so we were pretty surprised. This is a key part of our strategy for 2019 to incorporate Envato - does anyone know what the traffic requirements are and how to proceed?

Envato Pty Ltd has declined your request to work with the campaign Envato Market for the following reason: Not enough traffic.


Same here. I’ve been an affiliate for years: rejected now.
Reason: Not enough traffic.


Thank you @mentalitch, we are r=currently reviewing your application again, and will reach out directly.


Hi @EGProductions, Apologies the reviewer didn’t recognise that you are an existing author and affiliate so apologies there. I have re-proposed the IO to you and will email now with how to accept this and be approved to the new program,
Many thanks,


Awesome! Thank you! @emile_b


Hi, how can I get my “invite” on mail since I already have account connected to Envato Elements affiliate?

I tried with my “media ID” but it said that Im not in that campain yet.




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