New Market affiliate program has launched!! πŸš€


My Impact Username is webfulcreations and my Envato Username is webfulcreations can you please confirm if my account is properly linked and any sales from links ?ref=webfulcreations will have no problem thanks.


You can also use the new UI version from Impact, it has a β€œshorten links” fuction implemented.


Yep, that is what i did. Just haven’t heard back if it has successfully linked yet.


Hey @emile_b, how long does it take to get approved on Impact Radius? I applied for it on October 4. My media partner ID is 1311340.


Hi @emile_b ! I noticed that I do not see clicks for October, but there are registered people on my referral link. How do I join a new program? Can I not register again(or need to register again), but integrate with my account?The rules are the same as before (for registered on my referral links)? Thank you!
Another question: Do I need to change links to new links? (For old posts in social networks)


All approved now @Kosmos


Hi @CleanMagicAudio,
Sure you can register for the new program here.
Once approved please follow instructions on this PDF to link your legacy account to your new Impact accounts.
All only be able to link your accounts once you have been approved,


Hey Tim,
WE have now approved your application to IR. the account linking wouldn’t have worked up until now but please try again as you should be good to go,
Let us know


Dear @emile_b, you’re ignoring my direct question.
Please correct me, if I’m wrong.


Hi @Andrew_G, apologies for the delay, it’s a little bit busy with the migration etc.
No that is not the case at all. Any earnings that may have been generated in October (this is possible due to the timezone differences) would have been added to your remaining earnings balance. I’ll email you directly to expand this conversation.


Hey @emile_b, I got some referrals, but, the weird thing is. I see some funds in my account and some are pending. Can you please tell me what that pending means? When will they be transfered to the balance.

Currently, I’m seeing:

Balance: $xx.xx
Locked: $0.00
Pending: $xx.xx


Pending until the 15th of the following month when Envato pays Impact Radius.


Confirmed! Pending show up until the 15th. I didn’t catch that! Thanks mate! Cheers!


I know that Impact doesn’t support Payoneer directly. But Payoneer has Global Payment Service . This service allows to receive payments from companies worldwide - as if you have a local bank account in those countries. For that I just need to provide my payment information to the company that needs to pay me. Can I recieve payments that way?


Hi @emile_b, how long does it take to get approved on Impact? I’ve applied for it on October 10. My media partner ID is 1256670



Hello @emile_b, I’ve just got the declined application from Envato due to not enough traffic. My website is and is having about 5k-10k traffic monthly. I’m also an affiliate at Envato for years and now switching to Impact. Please check again. My ID on Impact is 1256670


Hey @fresh-look,
Your best bet would be to submit a query on this to the support team at Impact (
I doubt this is an option until Payoneer is integrated.



Hi @nvmc2015,
Apologies for that. We have now proposed a new IO for you on Impact. Log in to your account, account the IO and you’ll be approved!
Let me know if you have any issues.


Thank you @emile_b. I’m very interested in joining again.


Hi. Today I signed up for a new affiliate program and linked it with an old account.
I lost money from October 1 to 15?