New Market affiliate program has launched!! πŸš€



You can contact impact radius team for support

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Please help me.

What is impact URL and register form url ??



You can signup using this url

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Yeah, thought I was the only one that noticed this


I submitted my application but get a decline with the reason: Not enough traffic.
I’m an elite ThemeForest author with level 5 affiliate level and used to use affiliate links in my themes’ demos, twitter and emails to make some extra revenue.
Is this means I no longer have the right to get some commission out of the buyers that I have referred to you?
Is there any instruction on how to get my application approved?


This is bogus! I’m a level 3 affiliate and got my application approved without any issue. If there is no valid reason for rejecting your application, then this would be discrimination, and obviously would require getting it fixed right away.


@PurpleFogSound Maybe I made mistakes in my application like not clearly mention my account profile and that I’m Elite level 8 author and level 5 affiliate? I also added my absolute domain as my website which has no active website right now, I should rather add my theme’ demo URL instead.
That’s why I’m asking for help. If these points led to my application rejection and fixing them will get me approved please let me know to resubmit my application. @stephanielorens


Hi, I created my new impact account and created a few NEW links (…). The new links seem to work.

However, I am not seeing any clicks in the dashboard when I click on those NEW links. Am I doing something wrong? My account is 1302478
Separately, I linked this old account to 1302478. Can you please confirm it is linked correctly?

Thank you very much!


I know that Impact doesn’t support Payoneer directly. But Payoneer has Global Payment Service. This service allows to receive payments from companies worldwide - as if you have a local bank account in those countries. For that I just need to provide my payment information to the company that needs to pay me. Can I recieve payments that way?


Hey @premitheme I just sent you an email to discuss your application!


This is the same thing I’m thinking about, looking for an answer.


Thanks for contacting me, I replied.



I signed up for the new Envato Market program on Impact Radius. But my request was declined. It says that the reason for not approving my request was not enough traffic.I’m a level 6 affiliate and promote ThemeForest items on my website ( I think I’ve been using your affiliate program for almost 8 years. What would I do now that my request has been declined?



What Reason I need to choose ?


Hello @emile_b,

Last I was registered in Impact website. I am not sure if my application approved or not? But I did not received the email which subject β€œInsertion Order Application”. For this reason i can’t linked to legacy links.

Can you help me?


Thanks @stephanielorens for your help. All issues addressed, application approved and my Impact account is active now.


Hi @softnio
Your account was approved on September 10th, please go ahead and link your legacy links!
Any issues let me know


Apologies for the mix up @ealigam, all approved and ready to go now!


Thanks @emile_b for confirm me as my account approved. When going link, it asked Media Partner ID. How can I get this? Actually Is this (1295966) my partner ID?


1 - If I have (generate) link to another (not my) track (my friend) , will I earn the money ?
2 - will I get the badge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7 … paws affiliates ?