New Market affiliate program has launched!! πŸš€


Hi @stephanielorens ,

can you approve our account in affiliate

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@stephanielorens, question for you! Will nothing from the old API still show in Impact? Meaning, I have a lot of links with ?ref=Enabled, that will be a nightmare to change but will happen eventually. Do we see when the user clicked on one of those links?

Also, are generated links valid indefinitely, or do they have an expiration time?


@emile_b @stephanielorens Hello,
Just curious what plan do you have if their withdrawal settings doesn’t suit to author?
To be more specific I cannot withdraw my earnings from there:

  • PayPal doesn’t work for my country

  • β€˜EFT Withdrawal’ hasn’t my country in the list (Belarus)

How should I withdraw my earnings?

  1. Nope
  2. They are permanent

  1. But those will still bring in earnings, right?
  2. Thanks!


Correct. You will see only earnings, but not clicks


Thanks for that! :smiley:


Hello there, i got a message from envato market related with affiliate program today and message is given below in quote mark.

" Hey muhammadali A P (1289592),
This is a quick note to remind you to link your legacy envato market account to your Impact account in order to continue receiving payouts on earnings generated on legacy links (?ref=).
Please refer to this document for a step by step guide to link accounts."

but actually i’m not Muhammedali AP, its my brother account, My name is Noufal AP and i have only one account named β€œ-axnorpix”. i dont know why i get this message, please solve this problem


Hello, @stephanielorens

Did I understand correctly that the referral chart is no longer working, and all the data need to look at the



Please don’t tell me that I’ll have to edit each and every legacy link (?ref=, I have thousands of them scattered all over the internet !


I think your link will not available from 1st October. Best way to contact with Envato Help center hope they can give you good solution.


I won’t tell you :wink:


thanks !!! people nowadays can never keep secrets.




so all the clicks im getting are still going to show up on regular old Audiojungle referall page until October 1st?

I also made one link so far on Impact and am seeing clicks but where can I see a list of links i made on Impact?

How much do we earn on Impact from a referral? Same as before?




I see conversions of purchases in the old Envato refferal system, but I already subscribed and activated in the new system, so I want to know for 100% that old refferal links conversion will be working normally after 1th of October 2018. Can you please confirm it? I have a lot of links spread in the inet, and decided not use new reffreral links until I undertand that old links also works fine.


i have emailed your suport and have no reply hpow to set this up. the old affiliate link doesnt work. get back to me ASAP


Hey @Avirtum - If you’ve linked your Envato account with your Impact account, you will no longer see anything on that old referral screen from your screenshot.


Thanks for the comment, now everything fell into place, otherwise I thought something was wrong.



To who shoid I write to describe that in my case its doesn work? + - I still see that old system works but I have activated Envato+Imapct account