New Market affiliate program has launched!! ๐Ÿš€


its easy man )
Just generate your links !


can you tell me where i can get these page? and please in english if possible :grin:


Dude , I will write u private =)


Hi @emile_b
Iโ€™m a member, but he gives a mistake?
Error message and Screenshot:
You are not a campaign member.
Media ID:1199124
Envato Market: uxur


Hello @emile_b,

I was registered in impact radius because I was required to move to the impact radius platform, if I want to continue generating revenue orders from my current Affiliate links. But it has been 3 days since i registered, no email replay from envato market yet. My new username in impact radius is wegigs. In envato market my username is gimmegfx since Sept. 2013 affiliate level 7.

Can you help me?

Thank you very much


Hi @emile_b !

Can you help me with this?


Hi Emile. I have power elite account with good traffic but I canโ€™t register affiliate account with reason: Not enough traffic. How itโ€™s possible?



Hi Stephanie,

I was just admitted to impact radius and proceeded to link my accounts, but I didnโ€™t get any confirmation after clicking the submit button. Can you please check if my accounts are indeed linked and that the old referral links are still working correctly.

Thank you!


Hey @onioneye I can confirm that Envato account onioneye is now successfully linked with Impact account 1307545 :slight_smile: Any earnings from your old referral links will now be paid out via Impact account 1307545.


How can I know that my Envato and Radius accounts are properly linked?
I went through the linking process and it simply took me back to the ThemeForest homepage.
How can I know that if linking was successful?


We can confirm your account has been linked successfully
Let us know if you have any other queries!
Envato affiliate team


@emile_b will I get the badge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 7 โ€ฆ paws affiliates ?
with this program


Hi @ealigam Emile, I already have a Impact account and I tried to add Envato Market to it, but cannot see it. Not sure if I need to wait more or if there is a problem. Can you take a look please? Thanks


Hey Tim,
Hereโ€™s how to apply if you already have an impact account.
Go to the application page.
Click โ€˜I already have an accountโ€™
Then log in using your user details on Impact
This will auto generate an application to the program
Let me know how you go,
Thanks Emile


There isnโ€™t yet a badge program set up as this was previously all managed via your Envato Market account.
We are working on something so watch this space!


I love the new affiliate platform, much more professional. Will try to use it everywhere now and invite all my new clients via the affiliate link . I use to short cut all my affiliate links too. So overall great job and i would say a good step forward for Envato .


Beatles its cool =):grin:


Thank You !


Hello, @emile_b
I had already 9 registered users in the beginning of October before linked the account to Impact Radius.
Those 9 could be potential deposits in next days(from my experience).
What will happen next? Did I just gave away to Envato those legacy registered users? Or they will bring me refferal earnings via Impact Radius once they make a deposit?


My Impact Username is webfulcreations and my Envato Username is webfulcreations can you please confirm if my account is properly linked and any sales from links ?ref=webfulcreations will have no problem thanks.