New Look My Portfolio Website...

Hi everyone,
How are you today?

Here is a new look my website… >>
This website I made for the first time using WordPress …

What do you think?..

I like it very clean and neat. I like your logos also. Just a piece of advice use watermark for your logos.

Thanks for like and advice @DesignSomething :slightly_smiling_face:

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hi this is clean but this is also a bit flat if u ask me … but i like your gallery of logos too :slight_smile:

Thanks Nico…

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u know honestly , as long as u display the logo any professional badly intentioned and skilled enough to do so could redo it anyways … i am not sure this is really useful to have watermarks ir whatever else …

I think it looks great. What theme have you used? I am looking to redo mine
The logos look lovely, I hate watermarks, that is true they could be redone anyways, so what is the point?
Good luck!

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Hi @OrangeChocolate,

Thanks for visiting, i use hyper-x theme which is very suitable for the portfolio … i deliberately didn’t give a watermark … even if there is someone who wants to copy, so hopefully it is useful for them … maybe there are some of my clients object about this I’ll fix it later, thank you for your advice and opinion …

they are indeed just a bore for people who want to use the logo as such without redoing it because they do not have the knowledge for this lol otherwise , watermarks are scarcely any issue to prevent copy …