New logo rejection mail format

I received a mail (and many others) with a new format from the Envato Review Team, but in the link “…any feedback here, be sure…” it’s not working well. There appears a 404 error.
Seriously, are you kidding me?
Don’t worry but please let me know!!!

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After you login with your account, that page must be seen to you… Not 404 page…

Maybe it’s a bad joke because i’m logged.

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same here…

Hi Djjeep. How are you? How can i report this directly to Envato team? You know?

I never asked to feedback. But I think : If link not worked - reviewer don’t has left any feedback to rejected work…

But I see - you have many new works - this is veeeery veeeery gOOOoood! :wink:

jejeje thanks for the good vibes, but to have published these 16 new logos meant 24 rejections. In fact I corrected and uploaded 16 logos and the review team only approved 1. Only one. It has not been easy :frowning: because I think there are many good logos.

The previous email format is better than new one, They removed title, description and tags of the rejected logo design in new format.


hi buddy if i were u i would try to sell these items somewhere else the good things for logos is that u can still manage to find many places to post rejected items from here and sell much somewhere else … and the bad thing in the logo category is that this is more and more difficult to have a logo accepted , there are so many authors and submissions that they have to reject a good deal of items …

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Yes, indeed both points of view are true!!! The saturation of the market and the leader position of Envato are against some good works.

yes buddy but what is true also is that GR is the place where the big boys play and a place where we all have to give the very best of ourselves and thus a place that is making us go forward as we all have to act up …

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Yes, it’s also true!!! So, congrats because you and your printed girls, and me, we are part of this place!!!

PD: it’s a shame that girls only are in your design and my dreams!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

but the girls are not 3d models so basically u can still dream on meeting them lol besides what i can tell you is that stunning girls are not lacking i see sone every day here … so basically u can make your dreams come true lol

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LMFAO :smiley: Thanks for the good vibes!!!

u are welcome buddy besides i wish u very good luck and many sales, u are making cool logos and no doubt that you are going to sell much of them :slight_smile:

Best of lucks for you too!!!

thanks buddy :slight_smile: