New level Up - Level 4



Hello friends,
It’s a bad and great day for me today. I have rejected a very expecting track and i have a level up to level 4.
Anyway, Thank you Envato and all the customers, all of my friends here for support me.
Merry Christmas. Cheers. :tada::christmas_tree::birthday:


Wow! It’s very cool. Congratulations, @LongXmusic.


Congratulations! @LongXmusic :tada:


At least one joy today! Congrats!


Congratulations! @LongXmusic :tada:




Congratulations @LongXmusic! Welcome to the club :slight_smile: You have a very fresh sound here. Keep up the great work and Level 5 will be right around the corner :thumbsup:


Thank you very much @MidnightSnap @Max-Music @WildLion_Production @H8Music @WildKittyTunes @ParaliaSound


Cool! Congratulation!! :sunglasses::+1:


Nice! Fast work, LongXmusic, you’ll be level 5 in no time!


Congratulatuon @LongXmusic :tada: Good luck for more badges :wink:


Congrats! @LongXmusic :tada: