New items selling statistics.

Hello there!

After AJ changed their display method in music --> genre tabs I have noticed drop in sales of new items. Before these changes after clicking this tab, you could see all new music from this genre and now these items are hided. I’m not very recognizable author, I don’t have any bestseller track which can give me some extra views on the site. For me adding new item its crucial to have some sales because of short but guaranted presence and visibility of my profile on the site.

I’m wondering do you also noticed similar effect on your music selling?

Also I can be wrong with this whole statement because of natural lack of sales. We all know it happens, but I feel that these changes are not good especially for “smaller” authors like me.


Just for you to have a clearer idea of how much it is sold in a month. Let’s say that 70% of approved items are getting 0 sales.
And yes unfourtantely as you point out new design layout for search it is in favour of big fishes and even clever sales men with small prices.
But don’t get discourage because of this you never know when there is going to be a broadcast license or get a good bunch of tracks approved and start to improve sales

Thank you for the answer. It seems the old look is back for now i wonder for how long. Cheers