New items need more promoted

We are seeing new items have very low sales, and I have an idea how envato could promote them. I think in each category like WordPress, HTML, CMS, etc. should be a link to view the popular list of new items for last month.

Ex. August popular new items will be in that page from 1st September until the 1st October, after this, the list will be changed complete to popular new items for September. In this way new items which makes less sales and could not enter in popular files of week will have a chance to be more exposed to visitors for one month more.

I want to know the opinion of other authors.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Thats a good idea :slight_smile:

Yuup…I’m also PRO to that. One more line won’t hurt anyone…especially one like this.

It sounds kind of good, but as it wouldn’t really generate more revenue, it’s more likely to just shift the same number of sales from older items, to new items. Then in a few months, you’ll have a bunch of threads looking for a way to promote older items. I could be wrong though.