New Items Exposure

In this thread I’d like to have insights and thoughts about new Items exposure. I can see that there are really few sales on the newest items category but maybe some Authors have positive results with newest items on VH - If so It would be great to hear them)

I believe there are several reasons of low and/or no sales for new items (Lot’s of similar projects, lack of new ideas, large competition despite of overall lower exposure of new items) I think this thread can be useful for authors. Probably, it will be long run thread because we need time to gather information, see trends and overall situation.

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I think low or no sales for new items is because of all this you mentioned.
Some authors say because of Elements too. Anyway, there can be a huge world of reasons besides these ones.

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I have my own analysis for last months sales. And the worst situation with newest items happened after experiments were launched. Once again - I’m talking about new items sales, not overall sales

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new products are not sold whit. 2 new project 1 sale. Maybe I didn’t have a lot of categories, but 5 years ago, envato really did.

Yes, I agree. But suddenly, last march was my best month ever when I published one item in particular. Anyway, as you said, sales were very strange after the experiments “trending items” “best seller”, “best rate” etc.

Same for me, March was good enough, but new items didn’t affect sales =)

Usually, 1 new Item makes from 10% to 20% of one month income during first month after release.
Now, I got 2 New projects in start of the march and they made around 5-6% together

In my particular case, this new item I plublished in March made the difference, and more sales of other older items of my portfolio :man_shrugging:

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What data you want to collect here? Authors’ subjective point of view? All data is visible: how much items were uploaded during a week, how much sales they gain. Objective and clear.

Guys don’t be so slow. You should adapt to new changes.

What “new changes”? It´s not a matter of “slow”…it´s a matter of selling products we make and how the experience of every author is about all this. Anyway, we all know that Envato has the final word about “changes” as you said…maybe that´s what you mean about “adapt” (adapt or die :thinking:).

I mean that it’s obvious that current default sort is very-very bad for new items. And while you here are going to talk and collect subjective data, you may lose opportunities and time to do something more productive. That is what I mean under “slow” and “adapt”.

I see…ok, that´s your opinion, very well

And how do you think we should adapt to those “sort changes”? By making new items that are not going to have a good exposure because of the new sort, and we can do nothing about that?

I don’t know what you should do. Everyone have it’s own brain.
But be sure I’m not going to upload any AE or Premiere Pro items. I stopped to produce them in February after I hear about that “experiment”.

You wrote and erased that you were “going to do maximum from this bad situation”. Any ideas that can help? It´s ok if you don´t want to share…everyone has it´s own strategy and it´s reasonable not to share it, because at the end this is market and money

Ahahaha! :rofl: You got me!
Here is several thoughts:

  1. Marketing and own site
  2. Keep away from AE and Premiere Pro categories.
  3. Other markets
  4. Update old items that have many page views.

It’s much more complicated. I edit my post because it will take to much time to explain everything. And it’s more personal things… like I want to work in Houdini, do some template in Resolve 15, and so on.

Houdini! Cool! I want to start with this software, I think is great.

Basically, I Agree with you.

Authors info might show something I could miss analyzing current situation which also might change during time.
I set for myself 2 months period when I will try few new Items (in case of bad sales they will go to Elements anyway). After that New stocks and then Non-exclusive here.

It’s f#*&cking awesome! And not so complicated as many people think. Just need to understand basic principles about nodes and attributes.

This is basically how Real Flow works, another soft that I really liiiiike and use from time to time!!!

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Also Da Vinci works this way and c4d expressions :slight_smile:

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