New Items Closed Unofficially ?

We all know about the category page experiments. The experiment ended on Graphic River in the month of February. After the experiment I noticed that suddenly my items from 2012 to 2016 started getting sales and the new items has a huge sale drop. I checked the each and every category page and on all the pages I noticed that new items hardly have any sales.

Now it seems that Envato team is advertising only for trending or best seller items and they don’t have any interest in new items. So now no perks for submitting new items.

Is this mean that Envato unofficially closed for new items?

Hi you share your information here

That thread is officially called off for discussion as one of team member mentioned that they will not have a look at it for now.

My concern is little bit different than that thread because the experiment is over in the month of Feb on Graphic River and still we don’t see much sales for new items on graphicriver . So I am looking for any official word from the team whether they will support new items or just concentrate on five year old items.

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You can get official word from Author help center get in touch with them they would like to assist you.

LOL hey Charlie, are u kidding what do u think that they will do for him when it comes to the kind of topic that he wants to develop! they will just that they can do nothing about it …