New Item Released, sold 7 Licenses immediately

Well, I will not name the item, but it’s obvious.
Isn’t it obvious?
How come an item can sell 7 licenses at the moment it is released?

Let’s think about this ;
a) it’s Friday
b)This means it’s end of the week
c) And an item that’s just released sells 7 licenses immediately.

Well, let the “games” begin!

many reasons including marketing … if they have other items then they might have been promoting their item e.g. if it’s a html > WP, then you have social media presence, did they tweet out their new item was available?

If they got 300 sales in one day it might be suspicious but 7 is nothing if you have even a tiny social media following

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Not everything is believable here, twitter is not magic wand.
Suddenly 7 sales for very latest available item when others from portfolio have 6 / 7 sales in week / month
I do understand for multipurpose WP theme with thousands demos, but this…period.

I hadn’t looked at the item or author when i typed it, it now looks suspicious but it can also be down to good marketing, we will see what happens in the next 48 hrs if it was a fluke or they have found a magic wand

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Thanks for your reply;

No, I don’t think so.
SocialMedia is not (and can’t be) that effective especially where many think that it’s as easy as sending random updates with a few hashtags.
This is Impossible, and I mean it.

They also have almost NO FOLLOWERS.
I am also sure that they are not promoting their items to thousands of subscribers by using an EmailList.
Even if it was true it would be still suspicious.

I can’t give the name of the item, but let’s have a look…:
The same user has an item released in March 2016 ; and it’s sold 6 licenses :slight_smile:
Now the same user releases an item, it’s May 21st, 2016, and it sells 7 licenses immediately.

So, an item released at least 2 months ago sells 6 licenses.
But an item released today, sells 7 licenses at the moment it’s released.
This is impossible.
And with SocialMedia?
It’s even more impossible :slight_smile:

it’s not impossible though, it CAN be done, it depends on how they are promoting it e.g.

  • they have a large email list
  • twitter (and other social media) followers
  • one buyer has the need for multiple licenses
  • pure luck of someone wanting to buy

There are numerous reasons, so don’t jump to conclusions, give them 48 hours and see where they are then :slight_smile:

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Thanks once again Gareth, for your reply.
Anyway , I am almost 100% sure that there is a “game” in this.

The item is just released.
Nobody examines the products before buying anymore? :slight_smile:
They are immediately buying now? :slight_smile:

Well, lets wait and see as you say.
Thanks again for your time, Gareth.
Wish you a great weekend :slight_smile:

Let’s wait to see if there will be any ratings …

In the meantime, meet this lucky guy :slight_smile:

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How come such design passed the review in the first place???

Hahahaha :smiley:
Edit: I am laughing, but it’s like this, actually…: :frowning:

Few months ago i was have 10 license sales at once (i think it was February) from a London. I hope it was not Mi6 :slight_smile: These magic things just happens, something like heart attack, so just keep up good work.

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Did it happen IMMEDIATELY once the NEW item was released? :wink:
Let me guess…: “NO” :slight_smile:

In our case,
a) The item has been released.
b) Right after it is released, it sold 7 Licenses.

This is impossible :slight_smile:

No it was after 550 sales or so, it’s true but you never know when it’s going to happen.

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