New Item Discounting Tool for Authors

Agree, all userful feature mentioned :heavy_check_mark:

It’s very useful feature.

Hello Envato,
How to find that still how many days we have to maintain the same price to qualify for the discount. There is no counter like telling that still you have to wait 13 more days to make this item available for discount.

How many of you guys want a remaining day counter feature in discounting tool?

Any reply from Envato staff would be appreciated


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I agree with you. I have already ask to for that. but, have not any officially reply still now. here

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Guys, could you please put the discount thing at the very bottom of the category pages? Everyone will now set their old files to be discounted so they can appear at the very top of the category. Not really fair is it? :neutral_face:

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this is a very awesome feature for all the one

Your tools are amazing and always helps… Amazing services of yours

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Good Job :envato: Team! I’m really happy to be part of :envato:.

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Enabled , It’s fair! It’s only taking one row, not the whole page! I’m Author + Buyer too! I know people not just look @ some part of the page, they see the whole page.

and that doesn’t mean everyone wants discounted items. I bought one plugin that was not discounted but I bought it cause I want it!

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We love it! Thanks!

If you need an idea what next, API item updates!!! :smiley:

Think about it for a moment, you’ll see that it can be done pretty quickly I’d say! :smiley:

nice to see you here best of luck Guyz


When you apply 2 days (example) and when finish this discount you can’t enter another because the system perceives this as a price change.

Bug report:

Start date has to be set even though it is automatically set. By default it’s set at “today” but it should be set at “tomorrow”. When it’s set at “today”, it’s impossible to set a discount because of the error.


Features request:

  1. Automatic green sale tags on avatars of discounted items
  2. Intro price setting available from upload page
  3. Short list of the discount periods which can be set quickly, e.g.
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • other
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You are right. Does get error When it’s set at “today”. @steve_lam @jamesgiroux @collis @BenLeong

Thanks! We’ll pass this on to the team :slight_smile:


Good work envato :grinning: :+1:

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Very good innovation! Thanks!!

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Are you using any extension in chrome ?
in my case, i also faced this error when i was using “Dashboard plus for Envato” extension. when i deactivate the extension then everything is working fine!