New inspirational track



Hopefully my new track will get some success on here! Would appreciate any feedback you have!

[Link Removed: Self Promotion]



Sorry if this comes off as harsh, but you asked, so:

The guitar sound for the main hook seems “off” and out of place - certainly not something buyers are used to hearing, and there’s probably a reason for that.

What are the chords and bass notes at :35 until :46? There’s a lot of dissonance there and that would definitely limit its sales potential as well.

Personally, if I were the reviewer, best case scenario, it would have received a soft rejection, primarily due to the bass notes.


Thanks Fatcat - yeah I’m inclined to agree with you actually. When I listened to it again after it was approved (having had the period of time away from it) I thought similar things to yourself. Anyway - I’ll move on to the next rack and try and learn from it! Thanks for taking the time to write back!



Since the track has already been approved, you can still address those issues and revise the item.