New Important Author Page Is Needed !!

Hi People ,

After 3 Years Here in Envato , I think that authors need new important page
will make Client Contact more easier…

Please See This Photo

Or This One as @romlam suggested

Exactly , I think a Separated Contact Page ( instead of Contact Form in Author’s Profile Page )
will make communication better , so instead of I write my email in a comment for a client , I can
post the Contact Page Link and He will use it easily , Because some new clients can’t reach
contact form in Profile Page .

Please Help Us :slight_smile:


I’d like to see this button near the “portfolio” button :slight_smile:


@romlam This is better , Thanks Bro :slight_smile: … I’d Like to see it anywhere :blush:

This is very important , Many users cannot contact us and ask me about my email or how to contact me , I support your topic.

and I think the Contact Button beside Portfolio Button is better :blush:

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@AfterAction Thanks For Your Support :wink:

And it will be great if we all can have a chat inside Envato.
That would be convenient. We would not need to go from the Envato site to e-mail to continue communication with the buyer


+1 definately a good idea

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I like the Idea with the contact button next to portfolio. Mostly new people on Graphicriver don´t know how to contact the Authors. Because of that I have put my Mail Adress on my profile page. Maybe this can be improved some time :slight_smile:

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+1 Good idea!

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+1 We really need it.
Also, will be cool if there were some agreement like “I swear by all the Gods that I have read the instruction and watched tutorial very carefully”)))


This will be Very Nice, I don’t know if it’s possible or not , but I like your Idea @romlam :sunny:

Thanks For your Support @MARiAN

We Hope So :smile: , Thanks for your support @Photoshopagent

Thanks for your Support @profactions

loooool - I know it’s very disappointing ,Many users prefer to Contact Author and Rate items without Reading instructions and Tutorials :confused: … Anyway , Thanks @GorynArt for your Support :smile:

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+1 definitely a good idea! It will really help the customers.

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+1 Good idea!


Great idea there! Would be awesome to be able to have a shortlink to it as well, example somemarket/user/contact

+1 from me! :smiley:


Hey all. thanks for sharing this great idea!

I cannot promise that it will be something our engineering and product teams will be able to work on but we will do our part to make sure this idea is one that they are presented with as they are deciding on their roadmaps and prioritizing what to work on next.

For our teams, what drives them the most is how they can support author earnings through the platform. This can take the form of encouraging more visitors to convert into customers or new ways to generate revenue from the same customer.

If you’ve got an idea you’d like our teams to think about, try to frame it in a way that shows the potential impact on earnings/conversion. For example, while a contact button would reduce the friction between author and customer, would it ultimately lead to a higher conversion rate? How could we test that and validate the idea?
Would the investment of resources to build out the functionality support a noticeable increase in conversion or earnings for authors?

This isn’t the only evaluation metric but it’s definitely one that we look at when building up a case for a specific project. Keep the great ideas coming!


Thanks For Your Support Bro @IndWorks :slight_smile:

Thanks For your Great Support @AlekseyZhdanov :slight_smile:

Thank You @Enabled For Your Precious Support :slight_smile: … Appreciated

@jamesgiroux , Thanks For Your Reply , :slight_smile:
May be this button converted to Live Chat between Author and Customer
Once Customer Purchase an item , he can Chat with the author of this item direct.

Also , This option must be active for author to chat with ( 1 : 3 Stars ) rating customers !!
so He " author " can help the customer to use item correct without asking for emails !

I hope you like my idea :slight_smile:


I’m back with another idea , it maybe useful for increase earnings …
What about make a permanent Discounts Page ( like Free Files of The Month )
contains a number of selected items each ( week - month ) with a sale discount !

& Maybe add a ribbon like ( Trending ) over item thumbnail and preview image
please check this picture … Ribbon on item , Discount Page in Menu , and Thumbnail Icon


+1 Good idea!


Agree with you @Hemalaya1

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