New idea videohive

Hi all:
I would like to help me get an idea for video category because I’m not a good idea, I hope to answer that.


PS: I do not speak English very well because I speak Spanish but use google translator.

Hola a todos:
Me gustaría que ayudarme hacer una idea para categoria de videos porque yo no soy buena idea, ojalá que responder de eso.


p.d: No hablo muy bien en ingles porque hablo en español pero uso traductor de google.

You want somebody to give you an idea for something that you can make and upload to VideoHive? That’s the hard part, coming up with a decent idea! After that, I guess it’s just a case of flicking switches, twisting knobs, pressing buttons and plenty of trial and error.

Probably best to watch films, videos, watch TV show intros, credits and commercials, draw inspiration from the world around you.

I’ll have some good ideas if anybody’s got any going to though!

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I want to upload my video videohive to sell, for example to add a new category of video I would like to create a calendar each month and activities but not if there is videohive.

quiero subir mi video en videohive para vender, por ejemplo añadir un nueva categoria de video me gustaría crear un calendario todos los meses y actividades pero no se si hay en videohive.