New here / How did you started?


Im happy to be a part of Envato/GraphicRiver and can’t wait to see people buy my first approved item :slight_smile:

I would like to hear your stories how did you started as newbie.


Hey! Welcome
Here are some inspiring stories: &


Themeforest authors always start the same:

  1. Hard Reject
  2. Hard Reject
    …) Hard Reject
    …) Soft Reject
    …) Soft Reject
    …) Approve!


:smiley: That’s the institution here :wink:


Well same here but Audio !
December rejected
january rejected
february rejected!

July lets write some Rock music !


Thank you,will have a look :slight_smile:


Cool! Good luck for more releases.


Gee Themeforest have it easy, when l did my first flyers it was…

Hard rejection
Hard rejection
Hard rejection
Hard rejection
Hard rejection
Hard rejection
Hard rejection
Hard rejection


But l have to admit that my first one was a Facebook design that got accepted.



@neongraphik this is what happen in TF :wink:


the flyer categories has real killers Shane and that’s not surprising that this is hard for some guys for that matter , what i am always surprised of is to see some pretty flat or poor things accepted sometimes (when better ones cannot make it as well sometimes) and get to make the overall quality collapse so that this category is disparaged unfairly despite is huge artists


hi buddy, well i guess that there’s something that we all have in common and that’s hard work , sweat , tears and blood , lots of efforts and time spent, indeed. As for me more particularly, the thing started rather slowly but embittered progressively sale wise, otherwise, i have never been too bothered with rejections , except soft ones for using too sexy models … lol (unfair by the way lol)


lol yes, on the other hand, what’s better than rock anyway?! lol


I cant decide if this was sarcastic or not… but yes. Rock sells a lot :sunny:


not at all, i love rock music, probably my favorite style of music, so many great music and songs in this style according to me, i love it :wink: