New guy need help...!!


Hello folks, the new guy would like some help with launching his new website. It’s an online store for all types of smart gadgets including smart watches, 3D VR Glasses, Hoverboards plus all kinds of mobile & tablet accessories. I found a few videos here that could actually serve the purpose. However, if there’s anyone who can come with something unique & different and create a mind-blowing website promotional video, that would be awesome.
Also, it’s kinda urgent as i have the launch coming up shortly hence please contact soon.

Raza Nayani
from Karachi Pakistan


Hey @Raza_Nayani

Sound like a cool project. I want to buy all of the things you’ve described and I haven’t even seen the website :smile:

If your after someone to help with a video, it might be worth kicking across to Envato Studio and checking out some of the portfolios of the freelancers?

Let us know how you go :slight_smile:


Hey @matthewcoxy
I have been looking at Envato Studio, hoping to find some really nice relevant content.

P.S. I will give you a special friends & family discount on your first 10 purchases. :slight_smile:

Thank you


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