New FTP Credentials

try uploading the files to

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already done!

the files are deleted after 24 hours

Hi, I am testing using TunnelBear and I can upload the file until finished 100%. Test to connect using VPN to region: Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hongkong and other Asia region the TLS AUTH always failed.

But when I use VPN EU region or America region, AUTH TLS is success and I can upload the file.

Testing connect to, but after 2 hours uploaded files not showing on my item dashboard, as you can see on the screenshot the file is already on remote site:

Then I try to check again file on the remote site:

Then I test connect to and upload a file until finished.

After almost 2 hours uploaded item is not showing again on my item dashboard:

Then I check again connect to and on remote site, folder is empty:

Then I try to upload via web directly from item dashboard using VPN but after 15% upload transfer process always error.

I don’t know what is wrong, maybe later I will test using another VPN provider and trying connect using FileZilla on Amazon EC2.

I am test on 3 internet service providers (MyRepublic, SingTel, TS2) no one of these ISP can login to Evanto FTP, the way I can login only using VPN.

@DastAudio Hello, may I know what VPN provider are you use? Since I am use TunnelBear and my item never showing on my item dashboard. Thanks :slight_smile:

I use tunnelblick, with vpnbook Free OpenVPN

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You shouldn’t be using unless you are uploading stock video or motion graphics. For most authors is where you need to go. If you use that ftp server I think you’ll be ok.

The FTP server is in the US so better uploads from EU or US VPNs makes sense - other regions might have higher latency.


Hello, what problem can cause this error: 530 Login authentication failed?

Thanks, :slight_smile:

I’m also having the 530 Error.

Finally I can upload and update my item, I feel very happy after 6 days of trying lol. :smile:

For authors if you face issue same like me while trying connect to envato FTP:

First, with respect to the all moderators, I did not intend for promotion. You can try use VPN connection, I was use CyberGhost trial 1 day and use Germany for VPN region because when I was try using US, UK region, site directory listing is unable to retrieve, when I use TunnelBear free version upload speed is very poor.

My connection settings on FileZilla version 3.42.1:

Username is case and sensitive, you can check your username on author dashboard:

Password you can get from :

Then select personal tokens and give permissions:

Before you connect to Envato FTP server please select the right FTP server for your type of author:

I hope the authors who have the same problem as me, can try the solution that I have tried. :slight_smile:



Make sure username is case and sensitive, please use username same as:


Then your username is JK_Production007

Also use tokens as password, you can create new one on this link if you don’t have one:

Select personal tokens and give permission:

Don’t forget to save your token key and use this token as password for connect to Envato FTP.

@styleWish you can try solution above.

@Javanie I followed all steps and experimented with other settings but still unable to connect.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot?

Do you use token as password created from ?


Finally uploading. For all having the 530error: dont forget to reset the ftp client after generating a token! :slight_smile:

Your FileZilla configuration and username are correct, the problem is on password authentication since the error code is 530.

If you use personal token as FTP password with permissions “View and search Envato sites” and “View your Envato Account username” and you still can’t login to FTP server, I don’t know what is the problem.

Have you try to generate new token, and restart FileZilla then use new token as password?