New FTP Credentials


I’m able to login with new api but when i upload files they don’t appears ??

Hi there
I use the ""FTP to upload my project.but always can`t work.So i wanna know how to great a new API to make FTP works?

Same issue with me. Please help us asap. It is really unhappy ever as the author experience because we need to release the item according our internal schedule. Cheers!

Testing connect using VPN, AUTH TLS and login is successfully, then I am trying to upload a file but every 80 seconds connection closed (aborted) by server and upload process always failed. If I use my ISP connection without VPN, AUTH TLS always failed. Hope Envato team can solve this problems as soon as possible, almost 5 days I can’t update and upload new item.

Using VPN

But every 80 seconds connection aborted by server

Without VPN

Can Anyone Help, I could not login with the new Token or nor the API keys… I have the latest FileZilla…

@ravensincusa, can you confirm the following:

  1. You’ve generated a new API key here:
  2. It has permissions to:
  3. When you log in you’re using the new API key as your password, and the username is set case sensitive
  4. If this is still failing the root cause of this issue could be related to the ciphersuites used when connecting. Could you go into settings and enable the following:

Then try and connect and provide screenshots of the output? Further to this can you provide screenshots of your Help -> About sections. This will help highlight any issues, and assist in troubleshooting.

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Please see the latest post to @ravensincusa and follow similar steps.

I have been able to replicate your problem. The VPN could be resetting the connection - which is a problem that I haven’t been able to get around with openvpn configuration options (ping). I have also experimented with FileZilla keepalives.

The timeout problem doesn’t exist with direct connections that support TLS. It is consistently 80seconds so it has to be either firewall, router or VPN. I haven’t been able to find any documentation that specifies this time out in Openvpn or VPNGate so I’m at a dead end.

So what do we do about this problem?

The FTP server and FileZilla are smart enough resume the upload after one of these connection resets. So you could just ignore the error message. You will have to be careful to make sure your upload completed successfully and that the file sizes of the uploads look right before processing.

You can investigate alternative VPNs and see if they provide any better connections? VPNGate is very slow so changing VPNs might speed up your uploads too.

You can report the issue to your ISP and see why they don’t support TLS for FTP? This maybe a big problem depending where you live and may not be possible.

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It seems that the problem is because of the IPs, I have been able to connect thanks to VPN and the message of @Javanie , I am uploading files I hope everything works well…

I have uploaded a small file, and it is uploading a bigger one, although they do not appear on the audiojungle page yet.

Still got no answer, but now I cant see my uploaded files via Filezilla. Two possibilities here: they are on their way to processing, or they are deleted at Envato side for unknown reasons.

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I upload my files to and they do not appear in the “dashboard”, I upload my files to and they are now visible …

I have solved the problem!

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try uploading the files to

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already done!

the files are deleted after 24 hours

Hi, I am testing using TunnelBear and I can upload the file until finished 100%. Test to connect using VPN to region: Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hongkong and other Asia region the TLS AUTH always failed.

But when I use VPN EU region or America region, AUTH TLS is success and I can upload the file.

Testing connect to, but after 2 hours uploaded files not showing on my item dashboard, as you can see on the screenshot the file is already on remote site:

Then I try to check again file on the remote site:

Then I test connect to and upload a file until finished.

After almost 2 hours uploaded item is not showing again on my item dashboard:

Then I check again connect to and on remote site, folder is empty:

Then I try to upload via web directly from item dashboard using VPN but after 15% upload transfer process always error.

I don’t know what is wrong, maybe later I will test using another VPN provider and trying connect using FileZilla on Amazon EC2.

I am test on 3 internet service providers (MyRepublic, SingTel, TS2) no one of these ISP can login to Evanto FTP, the way I can login only using VPN.

@DastAudio Hello, may I know what VPN provider are you use? Since I am use TunnelBear and my item never showing on my item dashboard. Thanks :slight_smile:

I use tunnelblick, with vpnbook Free OpenVPN

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You shouldn’t be using unless you are uploading stock video or motion graphics. For most authors is where you need to go. If you use that ftp server I think you’ll be ok.

The FTP server is in the US so better uploads from EU or US VPNs makes sense - other regions might have higher latency.


Hello, what problem can cause this error: 530 Login authentication failed?