New freelancer / client management software [PHP] looking for Beta testers.


For a while now I’ve been working on a client managment and freelancer system that allows freelancers, agencies or pretty much anyone who do online work, to easily interact, control and invoice their clients and projects.

It’s a system intended to control everything from the beginning to end, some of the features include

  • Project management - Add tasks, comments, track time worked, briefs and maintain your entire project and to-dos.
  • Invoices - Invoice your clients, select a fixed price or choose the hours recorded you want to invoice along with an hourly rate. System calculates it all.
  • Tickets / Bugs - Allow clients to open up bug reports and or tickets associated directly with the project.
  • Vault - Store passwords and client credentials, fully encrypted, tied to a specific client or project. Don’t forget the clients login details on whatever you are working on.
  • Multi-currency - Charge your clients in whatever currency they prefer, multi-currency, supporting all the worlds currencies, is implemented.

The below points are merely ideas i have, they might be implemented, they might not. Your feedback here would be greatly appreciated.

  • Piwik tracking - Do you do your clients tracking with Piwik? Awesome. Plan is to implement Piwik entirely, allowing you to associate a piwik site with a project so the client can use your client portal to view their statistics and visitor logs, instead of creating and having a seperate Piwik account.
  • Demo manager - Do you sell, give away or do anything that includes a online demo? The demo manager will let you setup a demo that resets itself (Files / SQL) at a set interval.
  • Online seller - Do you sell a small script, theme or anything that you want to provide the client with instantly on purchase? Great. Integrating Stripe and PayPal will allow you to sell anything in a quick and easy way, and at the same time automatically email the client with the product instantly uppon payment.
  • Portfolio - (BIG IF), but the thought is to create a simple and intutitive way for you to setup your portfolio items, and then use the API to showcase said portfolio items on any website, forum, blog or whereever you want.

Currently working on
Currently I’m working on a desktop app for the system, that be Windows, MacOS and Linux, allowing you to start the time tracker, create project comments and or create new tasks / mark existing tasks as completed directly in the desktop application.

I’m looking for anyone that fits the bill, to run and operate the system and provide some feedback on features they are missing, something that isn’t working or perhaps just a design flaw that can be improved to create a better, simpler customer experience.

It’s not yet decided if this script will be provided opensource or as a paid app. Perhaps a mix between the two. Regardless of where it goes and what model we decide, then whoever actively tests and provides feedback, will get the script for free for life, in other words, there is no riskt that you test it now and use it actively, and then later be forced to pay XX to continue using it or switch to something else.

Let me know if you’re interested.
Kind regards,

Hi, I’d like to give it a try. Sounds really cool! Especially I like the idea behind the vault. As well I’m a programmer since I’m 12 and love doing webdesign since years. So I’m open to send you found bugs and improvements.

Kind Regards :blush:

Awesome, love to have you on board :slight_smile: Sent you a message through your profile.

That sounds very exciting. If it can be used now (I don’t mind small bugs, just need to have a system which actually works), I would be happy to test it. Right after new year, I will start working on a restaurants/meals management system (which is expected to cost about 15.000-20.000 EUR and require some nice time to code), so I believe I would be able to test your app in great details.

Cool! will check it out. :slight_smile:

Wishing you a lot of luck on this! Will be great for sure :blush: