New Feature: Author Recommendations

Very cool feature, but still need some improvement, like change the display message

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Cool feature, but there is some bug - I checked some collection, then i changed to another collection, but there are the same tracks from the old collection shown on the item description page.


I have this issue. Can’t change collections.

Pretty good, I like it.

Hi All,

Thanks for your support and feedback so far. Here are some answers to a few of your questions/ideas:

Selecting which items from a collection should appear
In the absence of this functionality, I’d recommend creating a new collection just for the Author Recommendations. This would be the first thing to fix if I could, I’m just not sure if we’re going to be able to get to it anytime soon.

@urbazon @dtbaker @surjithctly @woorockets @Sokolovsky

Functionality to cancel after a Collection is used
The first option in your drop-down is blank and can be used to cancel your selection. Let me know if this is not the case.


Displaying soft disabled items in Collections
Looks like this is a bug/missed requirements from when Collections were created. I’ll get it fixed but in the meantime you should probably remove any soft rejected items from your collection.

@wow_themes @dtbaker

Custom titles
Not sure we’ll get this functionality anytime soon but I am hoping to make the title more generic (e.g. Here are some items I recommend) so that Author Recommendations can be more multi-purpose. The current plan is for this to happen at the beginning of June.

@surjithctly @ouss1

Load more on Item page
It would be great to show all/load more on the Item page but it’s fairly complicated and I’m not sure customers actually want to see more than three recommendations. I’ll get some usage stats.

@surjithctly @Sokolovsky

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@soundroll @nikitsan

Thanks for reporting this. If you can send through a specific example, I’ll have one of the guys take a look.

Nice feature!

Here’s what I would like to do:

  • Choose the three music tracks that get displayed.
  • Make “View Collection” font larger and possibly say “View This Collection.”
  • Have it coded so that the page track stops playing when one of the collection tracks begins to play.



Actually scratch that. We think it was a caching issue on the Item page. We’ve merged a fix so please let me know if it’s still happening.

it works now, thanks

If this is the case, then that’s really not great UserExperience. There should be a text like “CANCEL/REMOVE Collection” etc. Thanks for your reply.

If it’s possible to add (optionally) a small banner image instead custom text?

Collection VideoHive has not been created

This collection is empty
The owner of this collection hasn’t added any items in there yet.

While all done correctly.:sunglasses:

This idea is terrific and helpful !!:nerd:

Hello, you come up with a cool idea, I like it!.

I have a couple of ideas:

  1. It would not be bad if it was possible to publish this collection of tracks on the page where I want (as a code).
  2. Also it would be fun , so you can scroll through the tracks as a playlist.

sorry for my English! :slight_smile:


or possibility to changing order in collections


A little bug…
As you can see on the following page

the first item underneath the “Here are some items I recommend” is the same as the actual item visitors are viewing above.
I suggest to drop some code lines that check if some item under “Here are some items I recommend” is the same as the main item, skip it and show the item that follows of that collection

Another feature:
It would be great if collection’s items to be dispalyed are chosen in a random basis instead of showing always the same 3 items.
All the best
Sergio Schnitzler (Yio)


Great feature. Don’t like the heading for graphicriver - “I used these items in my preview”

Think we should have a choice - we may want to recommend similar items in our gallery or recommend other authors item we have used in our preview. So a drop down menu with a choice of heading would be great.

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Agree. That would be effective for recommending similar items. Sometimes we have more that 3 to show.

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I like it , but I want to be able to change the title " I used these items in my preview "

Looks great!