New Envato Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀

Thanks. Applied. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the new system is working as we have had no clicks or earnings since October and this seems impossible that we have not referred a single user in 2 months.

Hi @imithemes,
I’ve just check your Impact account.
As you are still using your legacy links (?ref=) no click will be shown on Impact. The only data that you’ll be able to see is earnings, which I do see on your account by the way. If you want to see clicks then I suggest your change the legacy links with new impact links.

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There was nothing for the December month when I checked and wrote here but now I see 2 actions. I don’t want to see full statistics there as I know the URLs are the old red one but I want the earnings calculated and added for every month automatically.

Hi @imithemes,
They are added automatically every month. Feel free to email me directly, happy to look in to this further if necessary


I have several problems

  1. For example I want to create affiliate link for

I add link to CREATE A LINK ( impact dashboard ) and use “create” button

And I copy new affiliate link from “Use this link to promote Envato Market” -

But when I try to test this link ( ) I see main page ( ). But I want to see

  1. I have old links ( with ?ref= ) but I can’t see analytics.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there
May I ask if the old affiliate links still work correctly?
They used to work fine, but since several days the affiliate revenue seemed to drop significantly while the traffic and sales went up, looks like part of the sales aren’t counted.
Should we update to new impact links?


My income is already 50 USD, so when can send money to my bank account?

I already applied for it but waiting for getting approval from 3 days.

How much do you think it will take? My Account is Shain Alam 1359263

Thank you.

Hi, Now I have $12 in my balance on Envato Affiliate (Impact), What the next?

My impact account has been recently approved and I tried to link my previous Envato affiliate account to Impact on

But it repeatedly says “Unexpected error, try again later”

Would you fix this, please?

Previous Envato account ID: page9011
Media Partner ID: 1310608


Could you please check if my new impact radius account (We_NikaDevs) is linked with Envato account? I’ve an account before, but I’ve to disable it and create a new one because it was created with wrong currency.


I am old user of yours (Envato) and I am again trying to market your products online but it says that we need to move on Impact.

If I creates a new account then it says that we already have an account if i does forget password then it does says we have sent a email but no email received in inbox and in spam

Can you please help me into this

username - rozmik

Hi @NikaDevs,
We approved the following account for you on 14th Feb - NikaDevs (1334616). Seems the previos account with the wrong currently has been closed. You now need to link NikaDevs to the legacy account.

We will need to remove the previous link and let you know when you can link the new Impact account again.
Please allow a couple days and I’ll confirm via email

hi @rozmik
Not sure I follow, are you saying that you have already created an account on Impact? If so what is the account name?

If not, please apply via this link.

Till not we are not able to create account over impact. When I am following the link that you given me it says that we have registered account with this username called " rozmik "

It means we have account registered on impact when i does forget password it says that we have sent link on email but not receiving any email from them

please help.

Hi there,

I have the same problem. Could someone from Envato answer please? (maybe @emile_b)


Hello guys,
I think there is a problem with Impact Radius or with my setup. I was used to get 2-3 referrals per month when using my old ref code http://…?ref=zoutula …now since 1 October I have no referrals at all. I understand the old implementation http://…?ref=zoutula should still work … why this drop from an estimate of 5-10 referrals to 0??

Any of you got into the same issue?



Application rejected.

Envato Pty Ltd has declined your request to work with the campaign Envato Market for the following reason: The state on media partner account is set to be auto rejected for that campaign.

I don’t understand. Please help.

Please use CJ and/or Shareasale…forget Impact. Impact radius is a mess of a company. They need to change their name to Totally Wrecked