New Envato Market affiliate program has launched!! 🚀

@emile_b My affiliate earning is significantly dropped in recent 7 days. I used to have 10+ referrals everyweek but only 1. Never experienced such issue in these years. Can you please check for me?

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My Envato Affiliates application declined due to Not enough traffic. I have applied mentioning details of my web hosting company, apart from that i have a web design company too. I am planning to promote envato through my Technology blog site also. I dont know why my application rejected. How much traffic are you expecting. My self referring many of my clients to envato already.

Dear sir/mem my application Declined i’m really interested Affiliates Please Active My Affiliates account

my Affiliates id username TIPU322

Thank You


I joined the Envato Market Affiliate program on the 26th of April. Today (after 10 days) I received a response from Envato Affiliates Team.
Incoming mail says: " Envato Pty Ltd has declined your request to work with the campaign Envato Market for the following reason: No specific reason given. "

I didn’t understand that. What should I do for this? Can you help me ?

Thank you

@emile_b any clues? I have not even one referral. I’ve used to have a few per month. Now since you’ve switch the affiliate programme to Impact I have 0(zero). There should be smth wrong there for sure? Who can help me with to check my account? Thanks a lot1


Hi All,
Please note, from Thursday 3rd October 2019 (08:00 AEDT), any earnings generated via legacy links will no longer be paid out to you via Impact, even on previously linked accounts.

If you are still using or driving traffic through active legacy links (?ref=username), you will need to update these with new Impact links in order to continue earning affiliate revenue. If you still haven’t joined the new program, you are invited to do so here.

Example of Legacy link:

Example of Impact link:

The reason for this, is in order to fully migrate over to Impact, and eradicate any bugs or discrepancies we’ve recently experienced. Part of this deprecation will include the removal of all previous ‘earnings’ data from Envato accounts (currently visible under ‘Referral’ tab)

Creating Impact links
We’ve created a number of video tutorials to assist in creating new links on Impact, we do advise you to familiarise yourself with these:
Creating ‘longer links on Impact
How to use Sub IDs effectively

If you have any further questions or require assistance in creating new Impact links, please reach out to myself directly or the team on
An email will follow this post for further reference and clarity.


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Now I just have to go back and update literally 2000+ links.
Thanks for ruining this.
I don’t have the time or energy to re-create all of these links so I will no longer be referring people to envato.


We have changed all our old affiliate links to the new ones through Impact Radius two months from now. We detected that there is a huge decrease for more than 60% in our earnings. We contacted @emile_b but he told us that everything is Ok but clearly there is a problem.


Apr 1 2019 - Apr 30 2019

May 1 2019 - May 31 2019:

From 1 June we changed all of our links from the old (?ref=Laborator) to Impact Radius ones (e.g. Kalium | Creative Multipurpose WordPress & WooCommerce Theme by Laborator) and here are the results for the next two months:

June 1 2019 - June 30 2019:

July 1 2019 - July 31 2019

You can see that we have much more Clicks but Conversion Rate, EPC and Payouts are much much lower.

How can you explain that?


My Impact username is x_studio.

Well we wont update our more than 4000 Links with the old referal code. Its insane guys.
We have changed to the new links for the new posts we are doing. But I have to admit, when I am reading the post from Laborator, then I think that Emile should check twice or triple to make sure everything is ok.

I think that Envato will still earn a lot of money with our links and websites, even with the old links. They will still work for Envato, just not for us affiliates.
Great thing guys, really.
Disappointed and lookin for another affiliate program.


is there any way to find old referral links because i dont remember now where i used old referral link and where impact link.


Hi @CodeTides, please email the team on, happy to assist you further

Hi Dirk,
thanks for your comments, please email me directly, happy to assist you identify exactly where those legacy links sit, and give you some numbers in terms of how many of your referrals are via legacy links.

I disagree that Envato will continue to earn with old links, as we are going above and beyond to make sure that is not the case. Happy to share numbers on that with you.


Hi Emile,

theres no need to identify those links. We know that almost all our links are “the old style”. I guess we will delete our whole website in October starting all over again with another affiliate system. Or maybe we will stay with the website, but we will delete all posts and links to the old Envato affiliate program.

And yes, Envato will still earn money with it. Why? Because the links on most websites will stay as they are and they will still work for Envato, but not for the affiliate. You will still get to the item page and you can still buy the item. Isnt it?

We did not earn much, it is just one of our “lets try some affiliate” websites. But if you think of all the work and passion that we have invested here - its a shame.
But hey, I will e-mail you right now :slight_smile: Maybe you will have THE SOLUTION to rewrite all my 9.000 posts and links at once :slight_smile:



Hi All

We have created a regex for this process, it may helo someone to update impact affiliation link in WordPress mysql database or any other file.

Here it is Search…

From: ([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)(/[0-9])([?][a-zA-Z0-9=&_-])


NOTE: Make sure you change your impact iradid & irpid here (

Hope this can help.


i did 5 days ago but still dont get any reply. also i found one more issue impact radius does not show numbers of clicks per link like short urls it shows how many click per link.

Hi @CodeTides,
I replied to you asking for your Impact username, please reply so we can assist you further.

I just replied to your email.

We understand this may be frustrating, as it is to us (believe us, this isn’t a fun process for anyone!) yet we are unable to support the repeated issues we are having with the old legacy links, and with attempting to keep them tracking as they should along with Impact.

Impact has been requested by you, our partners, and was implemented in order to provide more transparency to your campaigns and allow significantly better optimization capabilities, as we have seen it has enabled for so many of you.

Hey all,
So far the majority of affiliates have managed to migrate old links and for those of you who have run into issues, if you haven’t already, please contact us on, and we will continue to do our best to help you through the migration.

We know these growing pains are challenging, we can only ask you to continue to bare with us, and we will continue to do our best to support you so our partnership with you can continue to thrive.
The Partnerships team