New Envato API Tool for Authors

We would like to introduce the FREE KwikBitz Descriptor specifically for Envato authours

When add or editing a product on Envato one of the things that has always frustrated me was the inability to see a preview of the listing BEFORE it is published. Often I have published then edited many times before I am happy with the result so …

Using the Envato API the Descriptor allows authors to edit and preview their product description before submitting to Envato.

The product descriptor uses the same stylesheet elements and layout as the ‘item details’ tab in an authors portfolio and was created for the simple reason that currently authors are unable to quickly preview and make any changes needed to their product description/s before submitting.

In addition, the product descriptor provides authors with statistics in a graphical format identifying:

  • Total Sales
  • Sales this month
  • Total earnings
  • Earnings this month
  • Balance
  • Earnings last month
  • Current month sales by product
  • Income
  • Total sales by product
  • Total earnings by product
  • Sales by month
  • Sales by day
  • Sales by Country

The product descriptor is like all products - a ‘work in progress’ and only exists to assist Envato authors. We have included 2 sections to the product descriptor to help us obtain your views and to identify a areas where the product descriptor could and/or can be further developed be of more help to you:

  1. A quick survey
  2. A forum style comments and suggestions area

Please feel free to check out the Descriptor, use it, pass comments make suggestions etc. And remember - it’s FREE


This is awesome! Great job