new design

hello everyone, I want to know your opinions in this design and is it fit to sell it in GraphicRiver.
Is the design good?


You have a few spelling and grammar mistakes in the header.

  • “Layerd” = Layered
  • “Only One GraphicRiver” = Only On GraphicRiver
  • “Text Editable” = Editable Text
  • “Both Side Design” = Double Sided

But also, I would say that it’s just too similar to existing cards. I’ve seen MANY rejected business cards here on the forums, and a lot of them tend to look similar to this one. I don’t see many specific design issues, aside from maybe needing more space around each element, the main thing is originality, which is very difficult to do in one of the most saturated categories on GraphicRiver.

I don’t want to discourage you from trying, so try making a few adjustments such as spacing, and waiting a little longer to see if someone else has some critiques, then submit it and patiently wait for the results. If it does get rejected, don’t take it personally or think that your just a bad designer. Take a look at the current trending business card designs, NOT the best selling, some of the best selling designs have been here for a long time and are not only outdated, but have also been copied many times over. The trending business cards should mostly be newer and more in line with modern standards and originality.

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Many Thanks XioxGraphix for the notes, encouragement and nice talk

hi globally , as @XioxGraphix more or less mentioned, there is nothing really new or original in what u have brought to the table here , whether we consider lay out, typo , organization , colors or even the global style. For me , in addition, there is small lack of finishing as adding some shadows under the “crossing ribbons” would be welcome. Plus, icons are very fklat and definitely not popping out, in other words, u cam wander what they are doing here , so to speak, as they bring nothing to the table as such. u also have the very same contrast issues with texts and these are bringing another issue in the end in terms of readability , the problem being that the concerned texts are important and should be valued and pop up … finally there is a lack of harmony as regard to shapes from one side to the other of the card until they look a bit disconnected from each other … why having round shapes in one side and and way more squared and straighter in the other one?

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Thanks again my friend n2n44 for important tips and notes