New Customer - App Not Working - Author Non Responsive


I am a new customer.

Big reason I bought from this Author was because I liked the apps and games he was selling, and that he said they 100% work, and even provided a video on how to reskin. I thought, great, I am in good hands buying from this Author.

But after following the instructions and adding the missing files, and searching and trying to make it work, and reaching out again to the Author (with no reply this time), it seems, that either the app or video tutorial doesn’t work or it’s out of date. I spent 4 hours trying to make this work, and the video tutorial is only 5 mins, but it didn’t work, so I had to troubleshoot, but I keep running into more and more errors trying to sync the build.gradle, so I can’t even get that far with all the time and effort and trying to get some help from the author, but seems he doesn’t really care, but if that’s the case, he shouldn’t say it works 100% or update the tutorial videos, cause they don’t work either.

I was hoping to get this app game going, and then buy more for this author and others, but it seems I don’t know enough about building apps to troubleshoot every issue, cause I am just searching for answers, but there is nothing clear online, so it takes hours of trail and error of testing new solutions, and I feel even more lost now than when I started.

I am at the point, where I am giving up on this app reskin idea, never thought it was so draining, I don’t mind the challenge, but it’s really unmotivating when I am not getting anywhere or moving forward. I think I really need the customer support, but seems I won’t get it from this author.

Any suggestions to get my new app to work, or should I just refund?


Is reskinning the app the only issue you’re having? The item is in working condition otherwise?

Customization isn’t included in support, but if reskinning was an advertised feature of the item and you’re unable to get it working, then that’s definitely grounds for a refund. Of course, if the author told you during pre-sales conversations that you could reskin it, that’s advertising it as a feature.

You can read up on the refund policy here or request a refund at this link if that’s the route you wish to go.

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Yes, it’s an app for reskin and advertised as so, even a video to help to do. The app won’t even work, let alone the reskin part. No help from author to even get the app to function. The build gradle doesn’t sync.

So disappointing, I didn’t want to refund, I wanted what I paid for. But I guess I have no choice but to refund now.

I’m a new customer, bought the Author app, and it will not install. I want a refund, but can’t figure out how to talk to a real person here.

Happened the same with me, tried over 4-5 times even after resetting and following different ways, but now finally shifted to another option, and had no time to hunt for the refund too.

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Protar Smith