New bulk HTML/CSS/JS minifier tools and "PPP" project

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Hi there!

I’d like to share with everyone a group of 4 free online tools we developed recently, they are Bulk/Batch HTML, CSS and Javascript Minifiers. I personally couldn’t find any similar online solution, all the online minifier tools treat only 1 file or code block by time, and all bulk minifiers requires a software installation, so I think this group of tools will be very useful to web designers in general.

Here it is:

Besides that, we have developed another tool called Pagespeed Performance Parser (or just PPP) and included it on the pack. This special online tool will help HTML templates to achieve higher pagespeed performances on Google Pagespeed Insights, GTmetrix and Pingdom at once, and without require code skills, just drag/drop/click/download. So, I invite everyone to check it out:

You can also check 3 before/after PPP test comparisons at:

If you sell HTML templates on Themeforest, I strongly recommend you to take use of PPP, since it will surelly help you present excellent Pagespeed numbers on your announces and get even more attention to your items (and maybe increase your sales).

Let me know your toughts and give me some feedback if you have any kind of problem with the tools.

Good web development to everyone :grinning:

Eduardo S. Rios

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