New Author with Tax Question

Hi there, I am a new author on AudioJungle, and I have a question about filling out my W9. I am a US citizen, and I do not have a business license. I selected the tax classification “Individual/sole proprietor or single member LLC”. Then I put in my SSN. I am trying to figure out the Backup Withholding thing at the bottom. I have never paid taxes myself, I just give my W2 to my tax rep and she files my taxes for me and I usually get a refund. What am I supposed to check? I have to check all of those boxes in or it won’t let me submit. I have talked and researched a ton, including on the IRS website, and some say I am subject to backup withholding, and others say I am not. I have never done a W9, and this is my first time ever trying to make money online. I am also young so I haven’t done anything to goof up things with the IRS, so I’m basically starting off with a clean slate. What am I supposed to do? Someone told me that I should just check all the boxes because I provided a correct SSN, so I did, but now I am not sure if I need to take back that W9 and just let Envato take backup withholding. Sorry for the long paragraph of questions. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you guys. Thanks for your time!

Heya @WestonNeyPhotoVideoA,

If you haven’t been personally contacted by the IRS and informed that you are subject to backup withholding, then you are by default not subject to it and checking those boxes was the correct choice. If you need confirmation, give your tax rep a quick call.


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Thank you. I’m going to call her today.