New Author Hub article for World Mental Health day

Most of us know that being a freelancer or small business owner can take a toll on your mental health - but it’s a topic that’s still not discussed as widely as it should be. Attitudes are beginning to shift in many places, but there’s a long way to go on that front.

It’s a topic that’s very close to my heart, and it’s why we continue to need events like today’s World Mental Health Day to raise awareness around the world.

Working for yourself brings particular challenges: the very freedom that lead many of us to strike out on our own can lead to intense stress and anxiety - from juggling client workloads and cashflow, to the intense pressure we place on ourselves to succeed. “Just hustle harder” isn’t the answer, at least for most people: ignoring your own mental health is a recipe for burnout, and it’s no way to build a sustainable business for yourself, your family, or for those you work with.

Today, in recognition of the broader global event, we’re encouraging everyone to take some time out to look after their mental health. But don’t just do it because the World Health Organisation set a special date on the calendar. Build it into your routine, making time to regularly pause and check how you’re going, and what you really need.

Not sure what you can do to balance your mental health with freelance or small business work? Our latest blog post on the Author Hub has some starting points for looking after your mental health as a freelancer:

If you have your own tips or advice for others in the community, I’d love to hear about them - share them here, if you’d like to.

Take care of yourself, and of those around you :green_heart: