New Author - Give Me Feedback!

I recently joined AudioJungle and I’ve prepared a few tracks in various genres to upload! Do these have any sale potential? I’m looking for some feedback to improve my next productions.
(I hope this doesn’t count as promotion - none of these tracks have been uploaded yet).

Sincere Music - White Christmas - Approved
Sincere Music - Upbeat Happy Ukulele - Controversial
Sincere Music - Inspiring Cinematic - Controversial
Sincere Music - A Positive Feeling - Approved
Sincere Music - Dreamy Emotional - Approved
Catchy Upbeat Piano - Approved
I have not delved into the details of the quality - this opinion is based on “commercial value”. :neutral_face:

Welcome to the Jungle!
Loved White Christmas and Dreamy Emotional. They both have really sincere tones and the production is great. Nice blend of instruments and the mix sounds nice and polished.
Honestly, I wasn’t blown away by the Cinematic one. It always feels like it’s going to go somewhere but somehow never quite manages to get there. That’s just my opinion of course. I’m certainly no moderator.
The others, I could take or leave. Very bright and happy sounding, and of course that kind of music is very popular on AJ, just not my cup of tea.
There is a glitch at 55seconds on Upbeat Piano that you might want to fix before uploading.
I wish you good luck.